Augmented Reality

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The Real World: the BIGgest screen where you can analyze the Data thanks to the Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality for Learning


Augmented Reality for Advertising based on Image Recognition.
When the Camera recongnizes the image, 3D Virtual Character appear in the Real World.
You can interacts with 3D Objects in the Real World.


Augmented Reality Manual based on object recognition.
When the camera recognizes the engine, 3D (Virtual) tanks appear and they are positioned onto right components of the car.
This is my basic Demo for iOS and Android devices to replace some printed manuals.
I’ll add 3D animations, the voice and dynamic informations(on more virtual layers) to create a (AR) Manual easy to use.


Augmented Reality Game in progress



AR App for Advertising.
When the camera recognizes the widget, a character bounce on it.
You can interacts with virtual character.


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